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These solutions help you ensure that your software system delivers a complete end-user CRM experience through the entire customer relationship. Both Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions are cloud-based mobile development platforms, enhanced by our expert implementation and integration services.

Choosing an implementation partner is as important, if not more so than your choice in the software itself. At XTIVIA, we take great pride in our proven implementation methodology for CRM which is reflected in our outstanding customer satisfaction record. Our consultants work closely with your team to design, optimize, and deliver a solution that best meets the needs of your business and your users.

Training plays a key role in the implementation and success of any CRM. Effective end-user and administrative training help achieve the highest levels of end-user satisfaction and IT self-reliance. The experienced training staff at XTIVIA offers end-user and administrative training for your chosen CRM solution, whether Salesforce or Microsoft.

Did you know that integration transactions now represent more than half of all the traffic CRMs support? With XTIVIA’s CRM services, you can easily integrate your chosen CRM into third-party ERP and financial applications for seamless actionable insight for your business.

Extending the functionality of your CRM to the field and beyond is what your business needs today. From custom mobile apps to solution-specific mobile advatages, our team of certified engineers can explain your options and suggest solutions to best meet your needs within your chosen CRM, whether Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

How we can help?

Consulting and

Use our certified admins and developers as your advisory partners throughout your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation and ongoing operations.

remoteCRM Admin

Manage all aspects of your CRM, from Fields & Relationships, User & Profile updates, Reports and Dashboards, Page Layouts processes or troubleshooting with convenient admin services.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate Salesforce or Dynamics with other enterprise systems for a unified view of your customer, automated and synced systems for increased sales productivity and employee efficiency.

Legacy CRM System Migration

Update your existing CRM data and infrastructure by migrating to the current version of Salesforce or Dynamics CRM.

How does increased profitability and improved employee productivity sound to you?

“The scheduling application, which was built from the ground up, had a 100% adoption right from start, completely replacing our previous solution and it has become essential to our daily operations in all of our 32 clinics. Ultimately, the project was a “great success” and, based on the quality of craftsmanship and professionalism exhibited by XTIVIA, we have already launched the second phase to add even more features and functionalities to the solution.”

Delano Ligu | CTO, Greenbrook

“XTIVIA was our implementation partner along with our ongoing administrative partner for all things Salesforce. Mike and his team did a great job with our implementation by working with us to ensure Salesforce was set up to meet our needs not just install a program. We would recommend them for anyone else implementing Salesforce.”

Laurie Hayek | Chief Compliance Officer, Argent Capital

The Ten Essential Steps for a Successful CRM Implementation

Having a solid CRM strategy is important for building long-term success with your clients. Having a clear CRM strategy will allow your business to flourish.

1. Determine your budget  check icon

2. Ensure you have high-level corporate adoption  check icon

3. Create an internal CRM Team  check icon

CRM and Manufacturing Live Session
CRM and Manufacturing Live Session

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Since 1992, XTIVIA has served thousands of customers as an innovative B2B technology solutions, custom development and consulting services firm.

Relationships matter with XTIVIA; our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our customers to be their trusted tech partner – for life.

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Optimizing your CRM investment and leveraging your time by working with remoteCRM’s experts is a next-level business success conversation. Let’s talk through your goals and targets so we can explore our mutual fit.