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Salesforce CRM Blog


The Team Aspect of Adopting Salesforce Lightning

We’ve talked about the beneficial features of Lightning and the technical details of migrating, but there’s another important aspect: your team. Adopting Lightning isn’t just about turning on a switch; it’s about having a unified vision and synchronizing the initiatives of a strong, focused team. When you start transitioning to Lightning (or if you’re still evaluating whether or not you’ll commit to it) read more…

Tips for Data Migration to Salesforce

Migrating your data to Salesforce should be considered a serious task. Migrating bad data causes adoption problems, customer relationship issues, decrease review and diagnostic problems. A data migration strategy should be put into place that includes stakeholders that understand the data and will be available throughout all stages.

Other things to note read more…

Why Migrate to Salesforce Lightning?

You may have recently received a notification from Salesforce that, in the very near future, Lightning will be auto-enabled within your Salesforce instance. If you haven’t done a lot of research on Lightning, this may give you a cause for concern. Don’t let it. Lightning is Salesforce’s new read more…

Creating Reports in Salesforce

Are your salespeople still giving you spreadsheets for their forecasts? Are they spending hours a week compiling the information you need? Then stop using Salesforce as a rolodex and start using it was designed, as a forecast tool.

Looking for the right data from read more…

Which Salesforce Edition am I Currently On?

There are many different Salesforce edition of their solution: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise & Unlimited. Each edition comes at a different per user cost and each edition offers different functionality. Obviously, the more costly the edition, the more functionality you’ll receive.

That’s not what we’re here to discuss, however. For individuals that are already on a Salesforce edition, read more…